Jorge Salinas Admits He Can't Kick the Habit

Jueves 11 de octubre de 2012, 12:02pm (PDT)
  • Jorge Salinas admits he wants to stop smoking, but has failed to put an end to his addiction after trying to quit several times.

    "Of course I've tried to quit. In fact, I quit a few months ago. But then you give in once again driven by euphoria. What happens is that suddenly you are driven by tension or whatever is going on in your head. But I am well aware of what I need to do to take care of myself," the actor told the television show Hoy.

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    A year ago, the Mexican actor was hospitalized for suffering from a pulmonary embolism and a severe case of pneumonia which put his life at risk.

    "The only thing I need to do is avoid drafts. What happened to me wasn't because I smoke," he said.

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    Maybe more than ever he should give quitting another try. Medical reports prove that smoking is damaging to vocal cords and the actor is currently dressing up as a mariachi and practicing his vocal skills to play the lead role in the novela "Qué Bonito Amor."

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