David Zepeda Denies Co-star Angelique Boyer Is Drug Addict

Viernes 5 de octubre de 2012, 12:43pm (PDT)
  • David Zepeda denies that his co-star Angelique Boyer was admitted to rehab for abusing drugs.

    "All of that is a lie, they don't know what else to come up with. She's such a healthy girl, she's a woman who knows right from wrong. She's super-responsible and that's the only thing I can say," David told Agencia México minutes before boarding a plane at Mexico City International Airport.

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    David is referring to a story that TV Notas magazine published which stated Angelique is addicted to marijuana and her parents decided to admit her to a rehab facility in Cuernavaca, Mexico, to help her overcome the alleged addiction.

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    According to this same report, she was released two days later so she could continue working under the condition that she would return to rehab once she finished -- but that didn't happen because she supposedly ran away, leaving behind a note for her parents.

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