Adamari on Luis Fonsi's Rejection During Her Battle With Cancer

Viernes 4 de enero de 2013, 1:29pm (PST)
  • Actress and host Adamari López opened up about the most difficult moments during her battle with breast cancer -- and it wasn't the physical deterioration her body was facing, it was the rejection from her husband Luis Fonsi.

    "It was difficult the first time I saw myself without a breast, with a large scar, to see all the changes I was going through because of the treatments," the actress confessed in a televised interview for "Al Rojo Vivo." My body changed. I couldn't keep my slim figure. I was swollen. It was almost like I was deformed," she said.

    As she continued, the actress found it more difficult to hold back the tears. "One time he told me he didn't have the desire to be with me [sexually]. I think that for me, that was one of the most difficult moments of the entire process," she revealed. "When the person you're crazy in love with tells you he doesn't desire you, your world falls apart."

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    When Adamari was asked why she included these declarations in her book, the actress said her heart was aching and she felt she had remained silent for too long. She added that it was difficult for her to figure out what was OK to include and what she needed to leave out.

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    "He was very important in my life, he was always there. I appreciate that infinitely. But, just like he supported me and offered me unconditional love, he also hit me where it hurt most. It was the most painful thing I've ever felt in 41 years."

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