Neighbors Encounter an Almost-Nude Ricky Martin

Miércoles 10 de octubre de 2012, 3:36pm (PDT)
  • Nothing says rise and shine like seeing Ricky Martin stripped down to his skivvies.

    Ricky Martin's neighbors got a real treat on Oct. 10 when they ran into the Broadway star roaming around the lobby of their Upper East Side building in New York.

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    Most would be embarrassed by this, but not Ricky. In fact, he shared this with the entire Twitterverse saying, "That awkward moment when you get locked out of your apartment in your underwear and you have no other choice but to get in the elevator (at 8:15 in the morning = full of neighbors going to work) to go to the reception and ask for a copy of your key. That's how my day started. I'm still laughing."

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    Unfortunately for us, Ricky didn't capture this moment with a TwitPic.

    Now, we can't help but wonder what he was doing out of his apartment at 8 a.m., walking around in his underwear.

    But as someone once said, "Thou shall love they neighbor." And that's exactly what we would do if Ricky Martin were our neighbor.

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