Fans Not Allowed to Visit Jenni's Grave

Martes 22 de enero de 2013, 12:09pm (PST)
  • Fans have been banned from visiting Jenni Rivera's grave at All Souls Cemetery, El Universal reports.

    According to the Mexican newspaper, employees at the cemetery in Long Beach, Calif., are prohibiting reporters and fans from approaching the grave. The singer's family is currently creating a custom-made stone, which will have an epitaph with the life story of the Diva de la Banda.

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    "It is something special which the family is obviously trying to protect," a source told the daily.

    "Many have come to visit her … Their only intentions are to come pray and pay tribute to their idol," the source added.

    The space where Jenni is buried reportedly cost $100,000 and has space for eight people.

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    The Mexican-American singer, four members of her staff and two pilots died in a plane crash near Monterrey, Mexico, on Dec. 9, 2012.

    No word on when Jenni's grave will be completed.

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