Chiquis: "Wait Patiently and You Will Get the Truth"

Viernes 14 de diciembre de 2012, 12:25pm (PST)
  • Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis, has requested that no interviews be conducted regarding her mother's death without consulting her.

    Earlier this week Chiquis' close friend and reality show co-star, RaqC, talked to Latina magazine and revealed that Jenni and Chiquis were not on good terms when she passed away.

    "I just wish her and her daughter would've been on good terms," she added, "And that's where it hurts me the most … To know that there was unfinished business there."

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    RaqC was referring to the rumor that Chiquis had an affair with Jenni's husband -- one of the reasons Jenni filed for divorce.

    "I'm SOOO tired of people giving interviews regarding MY mother!! NO one should give interviews unless you consult with me and my brothers and sisters," Chiquis tweeted.

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    "@RacC you have NO RIGHT to give an interview regarding whatever situation, especially without knowing concrete infer and without asking me first and foremost!" She added.

    Jenni's daughter asked everyone to wait patiently to "get the truth."

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