Canelo's Crushing Over Belinda

Miércoles 28 de noviembre de 2012, 1:48pm (PST)
  • After they spent an evening together at Madonna's concert in Mexico, championship boxer Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez admits he has a crush on singer Belinda -- and he says there's more to come in the future!

    "She sings beautifully and she's gorgeous. She's talented and yes, she's very pretty," said the 22-year-old Mexican boxer during a morning interview on the show "Hoy."

    "In the future you'll become aware of many things."

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    A fan snapped a picture of the two during the concert and uploaded it to Facebook, causing rumors to swirl almost instantly.

    "We were very comfortable, we had a good time and that's it. That's what I can tell you," said Canelo about their time together at Madge's concert.

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    Previously Belinda, 23, was romantically linked to other athletes, like soccer stars Giovanni dos Santos and Pepe Díaz. Canelo previously dated sports analyst Marisol González.

    "I'd like to keep my life private. Obviously we know it's difficult because I'm a public figure, but I like to keep everything out of the spotlight," he concluded.

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